Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


So lets try something new! I am on my computer (A LOT!) but my periods of writing come sporadically. I'll try just send text messages with


see more crazy cat pics


Back From Portland!

And more (or less?) rested than ever. I just looked in the mirror and the bags under my eyes are gone! That's strange considering the lack of sleep for the trip. The Husband and I went on Friday (Go Amtrak!) just the two of us. Not that i don't love my friends (Love you, guys!) but it was nice to just have the two of us for the entire weekend. I have pictures to post but they're at home and I'm at work. Let's try to do this post in as few words as possible with pictures from the web.

Day 1. Took the train.

Took a walk. Saw and bought .

Had some drinks at and then went to

Day 2: Saturday
Went to the PDX Museum . They are having an exhibit on Egypt.
It was absoulutely amazing! Really something worth seeing if you are in Portland. Later we went to a really cool bar and met some cool people. One of whom had never been to a strip club! We marched her (and her entourage) over to where we all proceeded to have a blast.

All in all, it was a really great, relaxing trip!


We Won!!!

Omg. we're winning!

I still don't believe it! Holy Cow!

go hawks!

i want one. now.

"head like a kite" at the chop suey.


Mobile Posting Lessons Learned

So I did try to post last night. 3 times. Unfortunately, technology hasn't caught up with how fast my fingers work! Apparently there is a delay in when I send something through my phone and when it shows up here. That's ok actually. That gives me time to sober up and realize I really don't want that out there! Also, if I can't see the picture clearly on my phone, it won't be clear on the computer. Caio for now!



'miz' playing pool with murph

At charlie's

it hailed for at least an hour today!

it sounded like horses on the roof. then it proceeded to hail or snow for hours! you need to love seattle!


Multimedia message

I am testing my 'mobile blogging' abilities today. i needed a different way or it would never happen!