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Happy Tuesday, Whee.

So far today, I can't get a bi!chy Queen Anne printer to call me back, I got yelled at by a certain lawyer from a certain government agency for something she approved (I have her signature) and the person I work for is having me do her job (I AM NOT A SALESPERSON!!)

Whew, now I feel better. I did get a few things done today. I got a different printer to call me back and get me a quote ASAP in time for the meeting I had at 3 pm. I am on the committee for our company's Cinco De Mayo Party. I am in charge of the invitations and the entertainment. Poor Red is in charge of the people in charge. She is going to start pulling her hair out soon. At least we got a couple of things accomplished today. Although every time I answered my phone or checked my email, it was one more higher up asking me to do one more "special little project... if you have time". I am starting to wonder if they are trying to see how fast I can work or if I am working at all.

"If we give her one more thing, she will either burst into tears, or will gleefully accept it. THEN we will know if she is really working."

What they don't know is that I thrive under pressure. I mean it. You put me in a hyperbaric chamber and I can do quantum math.

I just finished my wine "ration" for the evening. And by "ration", I mean whatever is in my kitchen. I think tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Oh, wait. Tomorrow is the end of the Cal Days. Time to try to post some more pictures of Cal. Maybe tomorrow. Good Night Yall.

Here is the Mick and Miles. Minutes later, Miles would no longer remember where he was, where he was going, where he had been, or who he had been with. I have many pictures of Miles, and in every one, he has a different size beer, of a different color and in a different glass. He was either getting to the bar REALLY QUICKLY or...

Here is me and the Mick, just in time for St. Paddy's day.

Me and Red. I think at this point, we were only MOSTLY drunk. Which is much different from ALL drunk.

Miles (Formally "CD") and Red standing at Clever Dunne's being... not so clever... but very cute!


Oh what a beautiful MORNING,

Oh what a beautiful day! What a very relaxing weekend! We went out early on Saturday and dropped off 4 bags of clothes at the Goodwill. Then we went to Lowe’s and bought some new plants, flower pots, and 3 bags of dirt. I went NUTS when I got home with the planting and the watering and the repotting and the trimming. Very Martha. I planted lots of annuals but I also got some perennials. I then celebrated with a lovely drink that I keep in the bar as a reward to myself. We went out later to a friend’s house and got our groove on to dance hits of the 80’s + 90’s. I need to get digital cable with the music channels. I just don’t want to pay for it. I find it odd when a bunch of 20 somethings start singing the sweet sounds of Bel Biv DeVoe.

The next day was spent hanging at the house with Mum and the Mick.*** BREAKING NEWS: THE HUSBAND WOULD NOW LIKE TO BE REFERED TO AS "THE MICK". THAT IS ALL.*** We drank mimosas and discussed options for the new house she is having built on Whidbey Island. I showed her how to see it from space and she loved it. She told me that my sister has decided to have her wedding on a cruise ship. That should be $pectacular. At least I have until January ’06 to decide what to do. Knowing my sister, she will change her mind 20 more times. The last time I spoke with her, she was going to get married at the courthouse and have a Britney Style Bar-B-Que. I would almost prefer that.


Oh, My Aching Skull

There really should be some laws/guidelines on how much 1 should drink in one night on a work night. I am feeling pretty good right now. I can't say the same for some of our compatriots. I know that “CD” is still passed out on his couch (the stairs were too treacherous to attempt that drunk). I know that I had a bit too much to drink but everyone got home OK and slept it off (hopefully).

We started by having drinks at lunch at my office. Then a "Red" and I went to my house and had drinks with Hubbie. After a few *ahem* shots and drinks, we headed over to Clever Dunne's, an Irish pub 2 blocks from our apartment. We were meeting some friends there. The place was already VERY crowded at 6:30 but it looked like fun, it had a live Irish band, and it was free. I bought a round for the 3 of us and we turned around to look for our friends. RIGHT behind us were a bunch of Red’s friends and co-workers! They couldn’t get a hold of her as she lost her phone at the airport. (The phone is on it’s way to Belize.)

I saw CD across the bar and tried to yell at him. Unfortunately, I was at the top of a packed bar where people were looking for a reason to yell. I think the crowd thought I was trying to get them riled up, because my yell turned into everyone (including CD!) cheering. We grabbed CD and brought him over to Red’s friends (mainly girls) and then noticed that he was HAMMERED! He went to the bar to get a drink and started talking to the two oldest women there. They had to be in their late 60’s. One of Red’s friends ran over at my suggestion to go rescue him. He had no idea who she was, he just knew that some cute girl ran up, put her arm around him and led him back to us. Very classic.

Crazy, drunken debauchery ensued the rest of the night. At one point, my camera’s batteries were low so we went to the house with CD to get some shots and batteries. There was a girl on the front porch who had missed her friends by ½ hour. We brought her up to use the phone and have a drink with us and she was so grateful, she told us to come down to where she worked and she would give us 35% off. Hubbie jokingly said “Lusty Lady?” She said “Close. De Ja Vue.” OK then…

By the time we had walked about a block and said good-by to the nice girl, CD asked in a slurry, dead serious voice:

“Where are we going?”
“Back to the bar.”
“Where did we just come from?”
“Our house.”
“Didn’t we have someone else with us? We lost someone!!”
“No C, remember? We gave her a hug and she went the other way.”
“Oh.” Pause. “Who was she?”

OK, No more drinking for him. By the time we got back to the bar, there was a small line but while we were standing there, Red and her friends came out and took us down the hill to the Crescent. That was odd. We were the only rowdy, straight, green clad people there. AND it was Karaoke night. Very odd. We left after that. All in all, a VERY fun night. If I get a chance, I will post some pictures. I have to get Red’s permission first. A lot of them involve her and other women. Hmm. Maybe we weren’t all straight. :)


I promise

This is the last post of my lunch hour. But can one REALLY link to too many things?

Don't believe the results,

I sure don't. I think the test is rigged.


Maybe I was wrong. This guy could be worse.

I'll bet you HE turns out to be an axe murderer.

He is the most conceited young man I have heard of today.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Why is it that for every single holiday, I am the only one in my office to dress up? However, Everyone in my office stops by my desk, tells me how great it is that I dress up, how looking forward to seeing today's ensemble, but no one else dresses up? I mean, how hard is it to find some glittery shamrock ears?!? Oh well, I guess no one is as cool as me.

Big Surprise

As my sister would say: "No DUH!"


He is is our pal... our pal CAL!


I Love Anniversaries.

Where do I even begin? I guess at the beginning. Friday, we went to Fado to meet up with some friends. That was a lot of fun because these are the guys that we see at the Mariners games every year. There was some kind of charity head shaving contest where the MC decided that if someone gave the charity $15,000, that I had to shave my head. And I would have done it too, but fortunately or not, no one brought that much cash. We befriended the manager/owner? Ed and asked him for some great shirts to wear in the parade the next morning. We got 2 great shirts with the Fado logo on them.

The next morning, very hung over, we went to the pet store and got some new fish and some crickets for the boys. Then we went to join the parade in Pioneer Square. Apparently, anyone can walk, all you have to do is show up. We walked with some different groups and mainly walked with the Irish Wolfhounds. We walked to Westlake Center and then jumped on the monorail to Seattle Center. We did the whole Irish Festival at the Center and I gotta say: There wasn’t a whole lot there. It was pretty small for an Irish Festival. AND NO BEER GARDEN!?!? That ain’t right. So we got bored and went home to make our own freaking drinks. We came up with a REALLY good recipe:

5 cups ice.
1 cup vodka
1 cup juice
1 ½ ounce raspberry syrup.
Blend the crap out of it and you have frozen raspberry slushies! (We have to come up with a better name)

Then our neighbor came over (I think she can smell vodka) and we decided to have some more liquid courage and go get our ears pierced some more. I got both ears done for the second time and she got one ear’s upper cartilage done. She went first but didn’t tell me how much it was going to hurt because she was afraid I would back out. That HURT! And I am not a wuss but DAMN! It felt like he took a hole punch and just punched two big holes in my ears. But then we went back to my house for more “courage”. By the time we got the three blocks to my house, there were a bunch of people who showed up. So we unwittingly were talked into having a party. I wonder some times if they planned this ahead of time. “If we just show up, they have to let us in, right? They have a bar, they won’t mind.” YES I DO MIND!

The next morning was part 1 of 2 surprises that hubby had planned for our anniversary weekend. We got on the bus and got off in Pioneer Square. I kept seeing people dressed for the St. Patties Day run and started questioning him (“We are doing any exercising?!?!”). Turns out, the DOG SHOW! was here. We got to meet 1300 dogs of many shapes and sizes. We got there in time for the mastiffs and the agility course. We sat in the middle of what had to be 30 of the biggest dogs around while they all cheered on the mastiffs in the ring. The dogs doing the agility coarse were barking while they were running. It was the funniest thing! They wanted to run so badly that would keep barking and just run past the jumps. That was great.

After we got back to the house and took a nap, it was time for surprise #2. We got on the bus and went to a wine tasting on top of the space needle! It was right at sunset and it was beautiful! Such a romantic guy! We have a ton of pictures from this weekend. Once I figure out how to post them, maybe you’ll get to see them. That is all for now. Get back to work.


What a waste of a Friday (so far).

Now I know why my mum always hated going to meetings. I had two meetings today, my first beginning at 8:30 and my second starting at 10. My first meeting is a department meeting where it turns into one of 3 things: A gossip-o-rama, a Bitch about everything, or Boss isn't here so lets talk about the company freely. This one was ALL THREE! It took forever and I heard nothing I haven't heard in our last meeting. Then I had 10 minutes to get ready for the next meeting (our Cinco De Mayo Party Planning Committee). I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and now I have to discuss what booze and Mexican food we should have. So they come up with something original (chips and salsa and tequila), and by then, it is 11:30. I am also expected design and have produced 600 invitations. I have gotten nothing done today. But that’s what they pay me for!

I do know that beginning tonight is the start of our 7-year anniversary weekend. We are meeting friends at Fadό for a charity head-shaving event. I am not sure why the charity would want to shave it head but then again it is not up to me. This weekend is going to be fun and full of surprises. I do know that we are going to walk (or rollarblade) in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down on 4th Ave. Beyond that, I have no idea what I am doing for the weekend but I have been assured that my hubbie knows. Ta Ta.

I really should get off my a$$ and get to work, but I am such a lamo that I want to see how to add pictures and links. It is SUCH a beautiful day here. It is the begining of March and we already have the back door open at 7 in the morning. OK, so I just read the part where I can only post pictures if they are already on the web. Does this mean I need a website too!?! Well... Now that my hopes have been dashed, time for a drink. WORK! I mean time for WORK! I am trying to paste a link to here so you will be able to see a live shot of the world coming to an end but I having some rouble. Please stand by. HAHA! I knew I would beat this silly computer! Now I REALLY have to get dressed and go to work. And I didn't even mention a dog.


Day One

Today is the day I have decided to start a blog. I don't think I am going to tell anyone. It could be my own little secret... No names, no worries, right? This might take a while to get right but if anything, I am known for trying until everything is as right as I can make it.