Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


Happy Tuesday, Whee.

So far today, I can't get a bi!chy Queen Anne printer to call me back, I got yelled at by a certain lawyer from a certain government agency for something she approved (I have her signature) and the person I work for is having me do her job (I AM NOT A SALESPERSON!!)

Whew, now I feel better. I did get a few things done today. I got a different printer to call me back and get me a quote ASAP in time for the meeting I had at 3 pm. I am on the committee for our company's Cinco De Mayo Party. I am in charge of the invitations and the entertainment. Poor Red is in charge of the people in charge. She is going to start pulling her hair out soon. At least we got a couple of things accomplished today. Although every time I answered my phone or checked my email, it was one more higher up asking me to do one more "special little project... if you have time". I am starting to wonder if they are trying to see how fast I can work or if I am working at all.

"If we give her one more thing, she will either burst into tears, or will gleefully accept it. THEN we will know if she is really working."

What they don't know is that I thrive under pressure. I mean it. You put me in a hyperbaric chamber and I can do quantum math.

I just finished my wine "ration" for the evening. And by "ration", I mean whatever is in my kitchen. I think tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Oh, wait. Tomorrow is the end of the Cal Days. Time to try to post some more pictures of Cal. Maybe tomorrow. Good Night Yall.


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