Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


I really should get off my a$$ and get to work, but I am such a lamo that I want to see how to add pictures and links. It is SUCH a beautiful day here. It is the begining of March and we already have the back door open at 7 in the morning. OK, so I just read the part where I can only post pictures if they are already on the web. Does this mean I need a website too!?! Well... Now that my hopes have been dashed, time for a drink. WORK! I mean time for WORK! I am trying to paste a link to here so you will be able to see a live shot of the world coming to an end but I having some rouble. Please stand by. HAHA! I knew I would beat this silly computer! Now I REALLY have to get dressed and go to work. And I didn't even mention a dog.


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