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Oh, My Aching Skull

There really should be some laws/guidelines on how much 1 should drink in one night on a work night. I am feeling pretty good right now. I can't say the same for some of our compatriots. I know that “CD” is still passed out on his couch (the stairs were too treacherous to attempt that drunk). I know that I had a bit too much to drink but everyone got home OK and slept it off (hopefully).

We started by having drinks at lunch at my office. Then a "Red" and I went to my house and had drinks with Hubbie. After a few *ahem* shots and drinks, we headed over to Clever Dunne's, an Irish pub 2 blocks from our apartment. We were meeting some friends there. The place was already VERY crowded at 6:30 but it looked like fun, it had a live Irish band, and it was free. I bought a round for the 3 of us and we turned around to look for our friends. RIGHT behind us were a bunch of Red’s friends and co-workers! They couldn’t get a hold of her as she lost her phone at the airport. (The phone is on it’s way to Belize.)

I saw CD across the bar and tried to yell at him. Unfortunately, I was at the top of a packed bar where people were looking for a reason to yell. I think the crowd thought I was trying to get them riled up, because my yell turned into everyone (including CD!) cheering. We grabbed CD and brought him over to Red’s friends (mainly girls) and then noticed that he was HAMMERED! He went to the bar to get a drink and started talking to the two oldest women there. They had to be in their late 60’s. One of Red’s friends ran over at my suggestion to go rescue him. He had no idea who she was, he just knew that some cute girl ran up, put her arm around him and led him back to us. Very classic.

Crazy, drunken debauchery ensued the rest of the night. At one point, my camera’s batteries were low so we went to the house with CD to get some shots and batteries. There was a girl on the front porch who had missed her friends by ½ hour. We brought her up to use the phone and have a drink with us and she was so grateful, she told us to come down to where she worked and she would give us 35% off. Hubbie jokingly said “Lusty Lady?” She said “Close. De Ja Vue.” OK then…

By the time we had walked about a block and said good-by to the nice girl, CD asked in a slurry, dead serious voice:

“Where are we going?”
“Back to the bar.”
“Where did we just come from?”
“Our house.”
“Didn’t we have someone else with us? We lost someone!!”
“No C, remember? We gave her a hug and she went the other way.”
“Oh.” Pause. “Who was she?”

OK, No more drinking for him. By the time we got back to the bar, there was a small line but while we were standing there, Red and her friends came out and took us down the hill to the Crescent. That was odd. We were the only rowdy, straight, green clad people there. AND it was Karaoke night. Very odd. We left after that. All in all, a VERY fun night. If I get a chance, I will post some pictures. I have to get Red’s permission first. A lot of them involve her and other women. Hmm. Maybe we weren’t all straight. :)


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