Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


What a waste of a Friday (so far).

Now I know why my mum always hated going to meetings. I had two meetings today, my first beginning at 8:30 and my second starting at 10. My first meeting is a department meeting where it turns into one of 3 things: A gossip-o-rama, a Bitch about everything, or Boss isn't here so lets talk about the company freely. This one was ALL THREE! It took forever and I heard nothing I haven't heard in our last meeting. Then I had 10 minutes to get ready for the next meeting (our Cinco De Mayo Party Planning Committee). I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and now I have to discuss what booze and Mexican food we should have. So they come up with something original (chips and salsa and tequila), and by then, it is 11:30. I am also expected design and have produced 600 invitations. I have gotten nothing done today. But that’s what they pay me for!

I do know that beginning tonight is the start of our 7-year anniversary weekend. We are meeting friends at Fadό for a charity head-shaving event. I am not sure why the charity would want to shave it head but then again it is not up to me. This weekend is going to be fun and full of surprises. I do know that we are going to walk (or rollarblade) in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down on 4th Ave. Beyond that, I have no idea what I am doing for the weekend but I have been assured that my hubbie knows. Ta Ta.


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