Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


I'm a Dixie!

I actually did the test my Aunt sent me and I am 70% Dixie. But I am not a Southern Bell.

What are you? Yankee or Dixie?

(And for you New York readers, you can be a Yankee and still like the Mets. I promise.)


Two stories about 4 dogs I love.

The first story comes from England and is a heroic dog saving another dog (very Lassie!)

The second story is about two pit bulls saving a woman from another vicious chow.

I really hope you don't have to sign in to read them but they are very cute and good tails (he he). I like cats too but I have yet to find stories where cats save people from dogs. Let me know if you find one.


By George!

I've got it! The only way to break bad news is to have a drink and hash it out. I am having breakfast and mimosas with her tomorrow am. I did speak to my brother and he is very supportive. He said that if she is mad, have her call him to calm down/ yell.

On a much lighter note: air.

Any ideas?

I have to break some bad news to Mum. I have NO idea on how to do this. I thought I would send her a singing telegram. Or a man in a gorilla suit with flowers. Red suggested spelling it out in the sky. How do you tell your mother that you are about to do something she is opposed to and non-reversible?

Elvis has left the building.

I'm sure that Elvis Costello takes pictures when he goes to other artists shows. This was my first time seeing him but the Mick had to tease me that it would only take a dozen more times for me to catch up to him. Elvis was fantastic. The band sounded tight and the accoustics in the Paramount are great! I love the "Seattle Music Scene".

Arriving at the show...


I hate people named Tea'.

I went to go look for something on my "dashboard" which is the start page of a blog and they had a link to David Duchovny Blog. He is on my "LIST" so I thought I would check it out but he keeps mentioning his wife. I think he might have to come off of my list if he keeps talking like that! I wonder who else has a blog?


It's Thursday! Much better than Wednesday. I just left a message for my doctor to schedule surgery for me. I am really hoping to get the date I want. What am you going in for? you might ask. Well, good question. But not one I am going to answer right now. My, you ARE getting a little personal. I hardly know you. I think it would be better if you left. There. Now we can really talk without the Nosey Nancy around. The Mick is taking me to go see Elvis Costello tonight. Actually, I was the one who woke up from an INCREDIBLE hangover to buy tickets via computer as soon as they went on sale. So really, I am taking him. He has been amazingly supportive this past week during the whole doctor thing. (No, I'm not telling you either.) Time to go. Ta Ta for now.


I wish you could drink in the morning.

It would help before things like doctor's appointments. It would also cause some weird problems but it could be good. I could use a shot right now. Instead, I am going to walk over to Starbucks and then go see the Doc. The Mick is meeting me over there (good husband) so at least I have support. I wish I felt calmer about this whole business. Wish me luck!


I am sorry.

I didn’t realize the kind of time commitment that it took to keep up a blog. I realize now that with everything going on, I will not be able to post every day. BUT! all is not lost. I will still think of you fondly every day. Even if I don’t post, in my heart, I will post for you always.

And now, the news. Lots of things happened this weekend. Friday, the Mick took me to go watch the Sonics beat the Jail Blazers at the buzzer. On Saturday, we went to home of our good friends Sexy Bitch and Curly. They were having a housewarming party to break in their new West Seattle home. It was a lot of fun, especially after we found out the they were also newly engaged! Curly proposed on top of some snowy mountain. It was very exciting! The house is adorable. It is a 3 bedroom ranch on what has to be ¼ - ½ acre. The back yard is incredible. It is home to many a cool plant and roaming cat. Da kid and his parents were kind enough to drive us out to the house. Da kid got to go run around outside and chase the cat that did decide to wander into the back yard while we were all out there. The party was great. There were tons of hipsters mingling with skaters. Very West Seattle. The Mick and I made Lemon Drops for everyone while they lasted. I didn’t realize how good they are! Our own recipe.

5 shots citrus vodka (and one to grow on.)
1 shot triple sec (and a dash to keep growing)
Lemon juice (varies, depending of if you are too drunk to keep squeezing lemons)

Shake ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Rum lemon on shot glasses and dip in sugar. Put a small slice of lemon on the side of the glass and fill. YUMMY!

The one thing I did realize is to not follow that up by good/strong tequila. Bad idea. Just don’t do it. The next morning, I took the Mick to Macy’s (I typed “the Bon” but the computer got mad and fixed it for me). I got everything they had in pastel. Blue coat, blue purse. Purple shirt. I look like an Easter egg. A pastel Easter egg. Very cute though. We went for lunch at the Sunday Morning Bar and started to walk home. We got to 2nd and Pike and ran into CD. He was standing on the corner trying to ignore this man who only “needed $24.50 to buy some shoes for my baby’s mama. And if you don’t have $24.50, I will take $1. And you might be asking why I don’t have a job. Because I only need $24.50.” He was a little intimidated when the Mick and I walked up and said hello to CD. It went from let me try to scam this young looking guy out of some money to all of us with our shopping bags glaring at him. He scampered off post haste.

I did speak with JB when I got home. He and the newest member of the family were hanging out, sucking on a finger. They are doing great up in Toronto. In nine months he got married, had a baby, bought a house and bought a car. And I thought I was busy!

Well, I am off to run some errands and have lunch with Red. By for now!