Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


Time to get Lost!

Lost is on tonight. I hate to admit that I am addicted to the show but there it is. I have been addicted to other TV shows in my life. The major one that comes to mind is The X Files. I was so in love with David Duchovny. I was very upset when he married Tea Leoni. I hate her. But I digress. (I do that a lot. Get used to it.) I have also been addicted to other popular shows:

Fraggle Rock
ER (only when it was in the first 2 seasons)
Friends (wasn’t everyone addicted?)
Law and Order (You have to guess which one)

And the list goes on. I wonder if they will show the “monster/ others/ boogeyman/ ???” I wonder if the French chick gets to stay at the camp with all of the other refuges. She will probably beat them all up in the night. I would like to think that I would do well stranded on a tropical island. I would try to turn into Martha and bake cookies in a campfire using dried fruit. I KNOW I would have the best camp set-up and I would have dishes and other things whittled from wood in the first week. I would start using fermented fruit to make wine ASAP to save me from my sorrows. You just watch.

On another note, the Mick, Red and I are going to the little park across the street from my house after work to drink Coronas in the 80 degree heat we are having. Should be some naked people over there. The Mick and I were at the park yesterday but I think it must have been too cold for the naked people. Not for Juggler Guy though.
What is it with everyone not knowing what Folklife is? It is only the biggest hippy-fest in Seattle. I even bought hippy pants last year so I would fit in. Everyone brings their drums and plays in the sun all day. Very fun. I will post some pictures if I can. That is all for now! (You lucky reader, you!)


So where to start…

I am newly out of the hospital. Nothing major. I went in to stop some problems I knew would start now that I have stopped taking Depo. Apparently, you are only supposed to be on Depo for 2 years or so. NOT 6 years as my previous doctor thought. Once I realized that I would no longer be able to take Depo, I started remembering why I started in the first place. That made me realize a few things:
1. I don’t want kids. Not even don’t want. That is putting it too mildly. I loathe the thought of having kids. Not that I don’t love and spoil everyone ELSE’s kids. I just know myself and what I want and kids DO NOT fit into that.
2. I don’t like pain (see 1.) and I don’t like the thought of pain. Pain is not something I strive to “push through”. Pain is something to “drink” through.
3. I don’t like synthetic drugs and hormones coursing through my veins. I would like to live without all of the synthetic hormones in me (How do you make a hormone? Kick her in the knees. Thank you hunny. Every time my doctor said “hormone”, that is the joke I thought of.)

So I had a decision to make with The Mick. After weighing all of the options my doctor gave me (and I thought I was educated about my body before!), I went with the ablation surgery with a side of tubal ligation. (My computer doesn’t like that phrase. Is Microsoft pro kids?)

I went in on Friday and everything went well. My doctor found the issue that was causing me pain and took it out. I am VERY happy with the recovery time. I have no scars (they can go in through your belly button!!) and mentally, it is like night and day! I have no worries about missing a shot. (Three months between shots is a looong time!) And the best part: There is a much lower risk of me getting certain types of cancer. I LOVE my doctor. She rocks!

I am very lucky to have found and married someone who does not want kids. It frees up the rest of your life to finding out what you like to do and what you are good at. Selfish? Yes, absolutely. But aren’t you glad I know that about myself now before I have kids? I never have to worry about what my kids will think if I get too drunk on a Saturday night and stay out until 3 in the morning. My husband, that’s a different matter.


Hello All,

Yes, I know you are disappointed in me. Everyone is. But I have a good to middling excuse for not posting for a while. I was drinking. A lot. But now the time of drinking to excess is almost over. Not quite.

Where to begin...

The Mick's brother was in town for a week. We took him to all of the touristy Seattle things: a couple of M's games, the Lusty Lady, Barca and the best place to go if you are looking to have fun for your 50th birthday, Neighbors. I think we showed him the best time one can have. I have pictures from Neighbors but I don't think I can post them. I have a rough schedule of what went on from what I can fuzzily remember.

Landed at Sea-tac, went to hotel, came to the house and brought roughly 24 boxes of condoms, 24 toothbrushes, 6 pregnancy tests, and tons of toothpaste, deodorant, Benadryl, dog toys, gum, and other sundries. (Did I mention that he works for a distributor?) We then took him to Charlie's on Broadway and introduced him to some of our friends.


The Mick took the older Mick to EMP while I was at work. Then we went to go see the Atomic Bombshels Burlesque when I got home. THAT was funny. They had a Q&A session before the show and of course, being the 3 smartest people in the bar, we knew the answers to most of the questions. The Brother was asked to come up on stage after he answered one of the questions. The MC, Vincent Drambuie, called Brother on stage and asked him where he works. Being the ham that he is, he said ******** Condoms. Everyone laughed but it's actually true. He works for the distributor. Unfortunately, he didn't have a card with him that said the name of the condom company, just a card with the name of the distribution company. A very nice woman came running after him to see if he had any actual condoms on him (he didn't know he needed them for the whole class). He was then asked if his company could sponsor the Atomic Bombshells. I think he is going to look into it. We then took Brother to Dick's for burgers at 1 in the morning. The place was packed! Very fun.


We met up with Brother at a deli place downtown near the hotel. I took them up to see some co-workers of mine. We then walked down to the Pike Place Market for some food for me and some drinks for all. (By the way, even if I don't mention it, at every stop, there was a beer or a drink.) We showed him all around the Market and stopped for all of the touristy favorites: Beer and oysters at Emmett Watson's, coffee at the original Starbucks, flowers from the flower women, fruit from the fruit guys, etc. By the time we were done with the market, it was almost 4 pm. We went back home for naps and then just stayed in and watched Sideways. Cute movie, just didn't like it all that much.


Got up early and took everyone on a ferry ride. Brother seemed un-impressed. We sent Brother to his hotel for a nap and The Mick and I went to the liquor store. After deciding to make a gallon of Seabreeze, we loaded up and went to wait in line with the Brother to get our Ichiro Bobble Heads. We got there at 5 exactly and the wait in line was only 4 minutes. We left after getting our tickets stamped (THAT line was 15 minutes to get out!) and we went to the Angle (as in Triangle). After a few hours of drinking in the 80-degree heat, we went to the game and watched the M's lose. Again. After the game, The Mick went home and I took the brother back up to Charlie's to hang out with all of the friends. He took them on to Clever Dunne's and I went home at 12.


We got up early on Saturday and went to Seattle Center to get some breakfast. We met up with J and J and Cass. We played some Ski Ball, we ate some GIANT burgers, and we played some mini-golf. Then I watched the boys play catch football on the grass under the space needle. We went to the house and had a nap (see a trend?) and then got up and had some drinks and got ready to go to Barca for The Brother's 50th Birthday party. Friends and friendly people joined us and the condoms flowed all over the table. We took the friendliest of the people and went to Neighbors to dance. We had fun (no comment) and the last we saw of brother, he was headed to R Place with a hot young lady on his arm.


Woke up late and met up with Brother for a walk through Pioneer Square. I stopped at Longhorn for a plate of ribs. Now THAT is a good breakfast. We went to the M's game where we actually won 9-1. After the game, we went to FX McRory's for some more food and drinks. Then it was off to Mile's house to say hello and watch them eat even more ribs. It's like I live back south. That evening was uneventful.


I actually looked forward to going back to work. The day was tough but I got to move into my new office. There were boxes everywhere and I now have newfound respect for our clients. After work, Red and I met up with The Mick and The Brother for margaritas at a Mexican restaurant on Broadway. Then we walked Red home and the boys went out.

That was the end of a VERY long week.

One More Picture

Ah, Red. Always willing to take the picture.