Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)



Got up early and took everyone on a ferry ride. Brother seemed un-impressed. We sent Brother to his hotel for a nap and The Mick and I went to the liquor store. After deciding to make a gallon of Seabreeze, we loaded up and went to wait in line with the Brother to get our Ichiro Bobble Heads. We got there at 5 exactly and the wait in line was only 4 minutes. We left after getting our tickets stamped (THAT line was 15 minutes to get out!) and we went to the Angle (as in Triangle). After a few hours of drinking in the 80-degree heat, we went to the game and watched the M's lose. Again. After the game, The Mick went home and I took the brother back up to Charlie's to hang out with all of the friends. He took them on to Clever Dunne's and I went home at 12.


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