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Hello All,

Yes, I know you are disappointed in me. Everyone is. But I have a good to middling excuse for not posting for a while. I was drinking. A lot. But now the time of drinking to excess is almost over. Not quite.

Where to begin...

The Mick's brother was in town for a week. We took him to all of the touristy Seattle things: a couple of M's games, the Lusty Lady, Barca and the best place to go if you are looking to have fun for your 50th birthday, Neighbors. I think we showed him the best time one can have. I have pictures from Neighbors but I don't think I can post them. I have a rough schedule of what went on from what I can fuzzily remember.

Landed at Sea-tac, went to hotel, came to the house and brought roughly 24 boxes of condoms, 24 toothbrushes, 6 pregnancy tests, and tons of toothpaste, deodorant, Benadryl, dog toys, gum, and other sundries. (Did I mention that he works for a distributor?) We then took him to Charlie's on Broadway and introduced him to some of our friends.


  • Hey, I picked up one of them Murph-bro care packages as well. Unfortunately I still have all my condoms. :-(

    By Blogger Ken, at 9:54 PM  

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