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So where to start…

I am newly out of the hospital. Nothing major. I went in to stop some problems I knew would start now that I have stopped taking Depo. Apparently, you are only supposed to be on Depo for 2 years or so. NOT 6 years as my previous doctor thought. Once I realized that I would no longer be able to take Depo, I started remembering why I started in the first place. That made me realize a few things:
1. I don’t want kids. Not even don’t want. That is putting it too mildly. I loathe the thought of having kids. Not that I don’t love and spoil everyone ELSE’s kids. I just know myself and what I want and kids DO NOT fit into that.
2. I don’t like pain (see 1.) and I don’t like the thought of pain. Pain is not something I strive to “push through”. Pain is something to “drink” through.
3. I don’t like synthetic drugs and hormones coursing through my veins. I would like to live without all of the synthetic hormones in me (How do you make a hormone? Kick her in the knees. Thank you hunny. Every time my doctor said “hormone”, that is the joke I thought of.)

So I had a decision to make with The Mick. After weighing all of the options my doctor gave me (and I thought I was educated about my body before!), I went with the ablation surgery with a side of tubal ligation. (My computer doesn’t like that phrase. Is Microsoft pro kids?)

I went in on Friday and everything went well. My doctor found the issue that was causing me pain and took it out. I am VERY happy with the recovery time. I have no scars (they can go in through your belly button!!) and mentally, it is like night and day! I have no worries about missing a shot. (Three months between shots is a looong time!) And the best part: There is a much lower risk of me getting certain types of cancer. I LOVE my doctor. She rocks!

I am very lucky to have found and married someone who does not want kids. It frees up the rest of your life to finding out what you like to do and what you are good at. Selfish? Yes, absolutely. But aren’t you glad I know that about myself now before I have kids? I never have to worry about what my kids will think if I get too drunk on a Saturday night and stay out until 3 in the morning. My husband, that’s a different matter.


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