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Time to get Lost!

Lost is on tonight. I hate to admit that I am addicted to the show but there it is. I have been addicted to other TV shows in my life. The major one that comes to mind is The X Files. I was so in love with David Duchovny. I was very upset when he married Tea Leoni. I hate her. But I digress. (I do that a lot. Get used to it.) I have also been addicted to other popular shows:

Fraggle Rock
ER (only when it was in the first 2 seasons)
Friends (wasn’t everyone addicted?)
Law and Order (You have to guess which one)

And the list goes on. I wonder if they will show the “monster/ others/ boogeyman/ ???” I wonder if the French chick gets to stay at the camp with all of the other refuges. She will probably beat them all up in the night. I would like to think that I would do well stranded on a tropical island. I would try to turn into Martha and bake cookies in a campfire using dried fruit. I KNOW I would have the best camp set-up and I would have dishes and other things whittled from wood in the first week. I would start using fermented fruit to make wine ASAP to save me from my sorrows. You just watch.

On another note, the Mick, Red and I are going to the little park across the street from my house after work to drink Coronas in the 80 degree heat we are having. Should be some naked people over there. The Mick and I were at the park yesterday but I think it must have been too cold for the naked people. Not for Juggler Guy though.
What is it with everyone not knowing what Folklife is? It is only the biggest hippy-fest in Seattle. I even bought hippy pants last year so I would fit in. Everyone brings their drums and plays in the sun all day. Very fun. I will post some pictures if I can. That is all for now! (You lucky reader, you!)


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