Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)



The Mick took the older Mick to EMP while I was at work. Then we went to go see the Atomic Bombshels Burlesque when I got home. THAT was funny. They had a Q&A session before the show and of course, being the 3 smartest people in the bar, we knew the answers to most of the questions. The Brother was asked to come up on stage after he answered one of the questions. The MC, Vincent Drambuie, called Brother on stage and asked him where he works. Being the ham that he is, he said ******** Condoms. Everyone laughed but it's actually true. He works for the distributor. Unfortunately, he didn't have a card with him that said the name of the condom company, just a card with the name of the distribution company. A very nice woman came running after him to see if he had any actual condoms on him (he didn't know he needed them for the whole class). He was then asked if his company could sponsor the Atomic Bombshells. I think he is going to look into it. We then took Brother to Dick's for burgers at 1 in the morning. The place was packed! Very fun.


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