Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


No Pictures, Please.

I wish that for once, I could take pictures of my weekend and actually put them on my blog. Unfortunately, I don't like jail.

I have a very busy week this week. We first went to go see the new Olympic Sculpture Park and watch Reggie play. He was fabulous. We also went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in search of a drink. Those pictures I can show. And I apologize to the bartender. I would say hi (give a shout out, whatever) but we don't use real first names on this site and I can't think of a nickname for you right now. We stopped at our house for more drinks and then we all went to Neighbors on Thursday for 80's night. Big Freakin' Surprise. That is part of the whole no pictures thing. I did make it to work on Friday. I'm still not sure how though. And if you hear rumors of topless chicks wandering around Capital Hill at 3 in the morning, DON'T BELIEVE THEM!

Friday we stayed home and watched quite possibly the worst movie I've seen in years. "Be Cool" is NOT COOL. It isn't often that you mute the TV every time one of the main characters comes on. I couldn't help myself. I had to yell "Die M***** F*****, Die!" when ever anyone looked like they were going to hit Vince Vaughn. He was atrocious. Did the studio not cringe upon seeing him?!?! (Check out the reviews on IMDB. Scandalous! )

Saturday we went to separate bachelor and bachelorette parties. The bachelorette party was at the Pink Door in the Market and was filled with giggly women doing tequila shots and something called a "chocolate cake". I am not sure what was in it but it was GOOD. **UPDATE: Just googled it and it looks to be Vodka and Frangelico. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.** We all then went to my house for more drinks and shots (I am starting to see a pattern here...)

Sunday we crawled out of bed, got the bachelorette back to her house and went to the Gay Pride parade. THAT was an interesting morning. I will get some of the best pictures up later today or tomorrow.

My week is shaping up to be crazy. I had to spend all of last night cleaning my house and trying find various articles of clothing for people who managed to shed them while drinking at my house. I also found the sunglasses of the girl I met while dancing at Neighbors. They somehow wound up in my purse. I figured out whose they were by going over the pictures. Tonight I have to go to Shana's birthday party at Buca Di Beppo. Tomorrow I am meeting with the girl to give her back her sunglasses, Thursday I am meeting with all of the neighbors to see about this party we are thinking of throwing on the 22nd and Friday is Cal Day. Saturday is J + J's wedding, and Monday is the 4th of July. Whew! I need a drink.


Hello all

I am here at A Friends house and I have commandeered his computer. I will try to send pictures tomorrow. Let me just say that this is nothing like Porno Fort. Loud techno/ house music (set up by me since he went to the store)is blasting from the computer that I am sitting at. I am TOTALLY getting myself a wireless keyboard and mouse. Time to go. My effervescent personality is being missed. And a certain young hippy is hitting on husband. Bye! :)




Now I know what you are all thinking. Rug-burn. Nooo… It was from going to Neighbors but all I did was dance. For something like 5 hours. That is my story and I’m sticking to it. Just don’t ask the Mick. He will try to get you to believe that I was dancing all up with these girls but really, would l do that?

After we woke up on Saturday hungrier than I have ever been, we went and got our neighbor to go out to breakfast. We walked up to Broadway and ran into another friend (the Pirate). We ate a ton and promptly went to the liquor store to pick up some pick me ups. After a quick breeze through QFC to pick up some mixers, we headed to our house to make some of the best berry/vodka slushies. We were going to go see some naked bicycle riders (not illegal in Seattle!) but from my back deck, I could see the rain coming so we stayed in and made Porno Fort!

Remember the forts you made when you were a kid? Picture that with LOTS of drinks, Mac and cheese, edemame, and porn. It was hilarious. That was a fun day. We trashed the house and just acted like little/big kids all day. There was no orgy (I know you and your crazy minds!) but I can’t guarantee that I didn’t see one neighbor give another neighbor a lap dance. And at one point, the friend we ran into on Broadway was naked on my back deck. But he was the only one who got naked. And yes, I did call to warn the neighbor (and his mom). At one point, I do remember us all wearing funny hats. There is nothing like sitting in your porno fort, drinking, laughing, eating, and wearing a funny hat with your friends.

I am the most proud of … Don’t you hate it when you are trying to finish a thought and you get interrupted at work and then you just can’t remember. Oh well. The suspense…


Oh what a day.

Not even like from "Oklahoma." "Oh what a beautiful MORNING!" Quite the opposite in fact. My boss is out of town and everyone is looking to me to solve all of their problems. I am trying but I am not doing a very good job of it. Not to mention that there is a new employee who was sitting behind me today (her first). It got to the point where she was laughing because I couldn't put the phone down without someone standing behind me with a question. And before I could answer their questions, the phone would ring. I think she heard me swearing under my breath. Classy.

So, needless to say, I won't be posting much about today. Instead, I will leave you with a thought: Wouldn't it be great if you knew someone (coworker, freind, neighbor, etc.) was about to tell you much more about their personal life than you would EVER want to know? Then, wouldn't it be great if you could yell "SPOILER ALERT! Don't ruin the story of your life for me!" and run away? Just a thought... OK. Here are some pictures of this weekend.

Don't I know how to throw a neighbor a proper 21st B-day party?

This is the girl from Folklife that I can't place. Let me know if you know this girl.