Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


Hello All!

Welcome to my wonderful world of way too much caffeine. I know what you're thinking: "Drinky Crow, it's Friday and you're not hung over?" Why no, in fact, I'm not. We unfortunately were out on the town last night for First Thursday when we got the crazy idea to take some "energy pills". I thought it would be better now that the FDA has outlawed Ephedra. I used to take these "energy pills" and would not sleep well and could party all night and feel like my heart was trying to tunnel out of my chest.

Turns out it might not have been the Ephedra. It might have been the caffeine. But on the plus side, the caffeine doesn't allow for a hang over.

So anyhoo, we are sitting in the Last Supper Club when we take not one, not two, but three caffeine pills. It was like we were making a suicide pact. "If we take these, we must go dance."
So it being Thursday and all... Yes, we went to Neighbors. And danced. A lot. With some very hot drag queens. The only problem is that I am sitting at work and my feet are dancing under my desk. I can hardly focus on this bid that I am working on.

We met the new neighbor a few days ago. And his crazy gay sidekick. They are a riot. We went to the Capital Club (for the first time; it was fabulous!) and to Manray (see other parentheses; ditto).

Ok. Just realized I'm rambling. I get off of work at 1 today so I will go home and take a nap and try to write a coherent sentence and maybe post some pictures later.


Quite possibly

The FUNNIEST thing I have seen all day. And I have been at work for 8 hours.