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And Now For An Update:

So much has happened but I will try to give a quick update on everything and then I will try to elaborate later.

1. My sister is pregnant! My brother and I (and our significant others) are relieved that the pressure is off of us now and all we have to worry about is trying to 1 up the other. "I'm going to be the favorite Aunt/Uncle!" "No, I am!"

2. The Mick and I just got back from NY/ New Jersey on a trip to:
a. Meet my new brother and sister in law and new niece. (Such a cutey!)
b. Relax on the Jersey Shore for a few days.
c. Go to New York to shop for 2 days and last but not least:
d. Attend the nuptials of Marietta and her new husband!!!
That was one crazy week! We met up with a lot of friends, past and present, that we don't have a chance to see all that often. It was a blast. Literally, I blew out my back coming through Seatac on Sunday. But everything else went perfectly.

3. Cal went camping with us up in the mountains about 3 weeks ago and hilarity ensued.

I will try to post pictures of everything soon but I can't do it from work for some reason. And speaking of work, lunch is over. Bye!


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