Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)


What a crazy month!

Hello! I know you have all been worried. Wondering "Drinky Crow?!?! You post pictures of a crazy Halloween and then disappear! Where oh where could you be?!?!"

Have no fear: I was drunk.

November sped by in a blur; most of December has done the same.

We took all of the neighbors to Portland for a weekend. That was a GREAT time. We went to all the strip clubs we could get to in 2 days. If we weren’t at the clubs, we were at the Winter Ale Fest. If we weren’t at the Ale Fest, we were at the Saturday market buying cool trinkets. A fabulous time was had by all. I am supposed to be getting written reports from the Neighbors (I need to give them nicknames… Let me know if you come up with something.) We took the train there and back and I must admit I have never seen people as tired as they were on the ride back. I want to go again. Now.

The Mick's Brother was here for a bit… too long. Yes, this would be the same Brother that was just here. In April. We didn’t see him too much while he was here but boy did he make an impression on our friends while he was here. But he and the girl he brought are gone. (Did I not mention the girl? Yes. There was a girl. I should say Woman. Acted a lot like the Brother. Double the fun!)

Christmas is here this weekend. I bought myself a new computer. It can kick your computers @ss. Hard. The Mick is getting me a cat for X-mas and mum is getting me a Nano (black) for X-mas/ Birthday. Fun! I can’t tell you what I am getting anyone because most of them would be read this and find out. We are going to the Four Seasons for drinks on Saturday and are going dancing tomorrow. I must go finish my work now so I can get done before the weekend. I will try to post pictures from the new computer but I need to get the Internet hooked up. Later!