Dogs I Have Loved (or For The Love Of Dog!)



The greatest cat ever. (Yes, even better than YOURS!) We picked her up two weeks ago and she has done nothing but be fabulous since. Her name is Billie Holiday and she is approximately 4 years old.

She is more than likely a Russian Blue but since she was picked up off the streets of Marysville, they call her a "Domestic Short Hair". She follows me around the house and already comes when she's called (1/2 of the time. She IS a cat, afterall!)

It has been really strange to have a cat in my house since I have only ever had large dogs. The Mick REALLY seems to like her... At least she hasn't been kicked out yet! He let me get her from the pound (Paws, Cat City, in Greenwood) as my Christmas present. She is already the most spoiled cat in the building.



  • Billie Rules!


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