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Happy Lent?

I am not catholic, so I am not sure if I should participate in the whole "give up something for Lent" game. I have a few friends who will be giving things up even though they aren't catholic either. It seems to be less about religion and more about endurance. Can they or can't they stay off of chocolate for 40 days. Of course, when asking my husband this morning (ex-catholic)what he would be giving up, he said "One of the 3 things." And if you have to ask what that means, you don't know us very well! :)I did just find out that you get Sunday's off of Lent. Schedule all BGP's for Sunday's! (Or Saturday nights past midnight.)

I do have some pictures from our outing on Saturday. We went to the High Dive in Fremont to see some great music. One of Chris Bellew's bands was there (the Feelings Highjackers) and they rocked. I ran into Chris in the streets after his set. He is a very funny guy. I won't get into what happened, let's just say that there... nope, can't even say that. Anyway, the Mick took a great picture of us. So, enjoy some of the only photos I can show from that night.


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